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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off Again to Tanzania...

I'm heading off to Tanzania again, leaving on March 2 and planning to stay for three months this time. Last year, writing a blog worked out as a great way to keep all my concerned and interested friends from worrying about me too much or to keep them posted on my adventures, as the case may be. So I'll be posting here again this time, and I've learned how to use the Blogspot website better, so it will be a prettier blog this year....although no promises about any improvement in the quality of the content.

Similar to last year, I have set this up so that it will not show up in web searches and it will not be featured in the blog lists for Blogspot, so you need to know the web address to find it. However, feel free to share the address with your friends if they're interested. I'll also be posting links to the blog on my Facebook page. (Yes, it's true, I like the computer much better now that I'm retired and I don't have to learn programs to replace the people who used to do IT or HR!) I did find a way to notify readers with an e-mail when I publish a new post, but I can list only ten e-mail addresses in the box. So, the first ten of you who sign up as followers and request e-mail notification are in.  For everybody else, just like last year, you will not receive e-mails notifying you of new posts. You just have to check back now and then and see if anything's new!

The theme for this year's trip will be, "Adventures in Immigration Law." I applied last September for a fiance visa that would allow K2 to move to Utah so we could get married and start a life together here. That application has passed successfully through two U.S. government offices and been forwarded on to the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Next, we have to file another pile of paperwork there and wait for an interview. I don't know how difficult some of the compiling will be, nor how long the Embassy will take to respond. I also don't know whether or not we will get the visa. So, all my friends reading this, cross your fingers or say a prayer for us! Unless you're hoping for an invitation to a destination wedding in Tanzania with a follow-up wildlife safari/wedding reception!