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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Three Ladies Walk Into a Bar--Version 2

Why Version 2? Because another blogger has already blogged about this event. You can read Version 1 at "My Life a Bit South of Normal." That's Ann Currie Williams' blog about life in the south. She's funny! I've been following her blog and laughing at her take on things for a couple of years now, so I feel like I know her--kind of--in an online sort of way. But not bad, like from a dating website or anything.

Ann has encouraged me over the past year, as my blog has limped along as I try to settle on a post-Tanzania theme. Every time I lapse for a couple of months, she comments on the next post and welcomes me back online and says that she missed me. When I posted about Tucson's Day of the Dead festivities, Ann commented that she sometimes travels to Phoenix for work, and we started emailing back and forth, plotting a get-together in Arizona.

Linda Medrano, who blogs at "The Good, The Bad, The Worse", also comments and says she missed me when I come back after writing nothing for a couple of months. I don't comment on every one of Linda's posts, because she has about a million followers, and at least 100 of them comment every time she posts. But I do comment sometimes, because she's so outrageous and funny that sometimes I just have to say something! After awhile, I friended her on Facebook, and then I liked her even more. Because every time I post a picture of myself, she compliments my smile. Recently I've noticed that Linda and I often comment together on Ann's posts. It's like we're all linked by our blogs and we're all friends even even though we never met.

So...this past week, Ann made a trip to Phoenix for a week. I drove up from Tucson, only a couple of hours. And when we suggested to Linda that she should fly to Phoenix and meet us for dinner, since we'd both be in the same place for the first time, she immediately agreed. Then she changed her mind and said she'd drive instead of fly. And her husband, Alex would come, too, and they'd bring their dogs. And after 11 hours of driving and an overnight in Indio, there she was in Phoenix.

 That's me, Linda, and Ann after we walked into a bar and found each other. It was easy--we'd all seen pictures of each other online.

And no, neither Linda nor I turned out to be dangerous, contrary to what Ann's family and friends said to her! You can see from the picture above that I am harmless and sweet. You might think Linda looks harmless in that picture, too, but...

...look at her here! No, it was still okay. She was giving Zoe her "crazy eyes," which lets Zoe know who is the alpha female so she'll behave.

And it worked. Zoe calmed right down and snuggled up with me and Ann.

Harry was already calm and didn't need the crazy eyes.

When the three of us sat down together, we all knew some things about each other, from two or more years of reading each others' online thoughts and seeing each others' photos. We chatted about the upcoming wedding of Ann's daughter. I tried to get Linda to fix me up with the hot guy that hangs her Christmas lights. (She said she would, but I guess I'll have to wait until December when he shows up again.) And I regaled them both with stories about Tanzania--most of which they'd already read in my blog. I felt like I was sitting down with old friends rather than a first meeting with somebody I met on the internet.

As the evening progressed, Linda's dangerous side came out more. 

 She noticed Ann's "porcelain white silky smooth" ankles and just had to touch them.

And after that, we all agreed to get together for dinner again the next day. Alex joined us. Linda writes about him often in her blog. She makes him sound very nice. And in person, he is just as nice as in the blog. Thanks, Linda and Alex, for the nice steak dinner!

Ann played it safe and covered her ankles with these fabulous boots. 

But it didn't work, because Linda has a thing for red cowboy boots. Which should have been predictable, based on how often Linda blogs about getting new designer shoes. 

Alex and Linda went to a spring training baseball game the next day. I accompanied my cousin to visit my aunt, who now lives in Phoenix. When she first sees me, I can see it across her face that she is remembering my mother. I love that. And Ann flew home, safe and happy after meeting up with two strangers from the internet!


  1. I never pretended not to be dangerous! Ask anyone! Love this. I'm doing my post on us tomorrow. We're a fun bunch of coconuts!

    1. True! And to think I was initially more scared of Zoe than you!

  2. Ah, but a lovely bunch of coconuts and I can't wait for us to get together again. It was a blast.

  3. I'm always happy when I see a new blog from you! Carol in Idaho

  4. So, are you based in Tucson now for good? I wasn't quite sure! In any case, it looks like lots of fun - we lived in Tempe for almost 6 years and I'd move back in a flash - yes, despite the summers! I finally met a fellow Korea blogger two weeks ago after having read her blog for more than 2 years - it's really strange how you do feel you know someone after you've been reading their blog for a while. (Note: I'm among those who are always happy to see you post, too!)

    1. Yes, probably, I think so.....based in Tucson for good. At any rate, I've just returned from selling my house in Utah, and have an appointment with a realtor to start looking at houses in Tucson next week. The sale and move were a hellish experience which must generate a blog post!

  5. Well, at least you'll get something positive out of your suffering. Since I've started blogging, I find that I tend to look at even the most screwed-up situation with a speculative eye, wondering if it'll make a good post. Tucson seems like a wonderful place to live. It's a known fact that Tucson is much cooler than Phoenix, too. Or at least that's how all of us in Phoenix/Tempe felt about it...; )

    1. Ha! I always do that, too, and then I find myself looking for a photo angle that will illustrate something funny! And I think everybody in Tucson feels that Tucson is cooler than Phoenix, too. (We're not talking temperature, right? Even though that's true too!). Because when I first got here and said I was thinking of moving here, people would ask where else was I considering, and when I said Phoenix, 100% of Tucson-ites shook their head and told me, "Oh no, not Phoenix."