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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Blackout is Late

My cold is almost gone. Two people have told me this is the time of year, because of dust (which I'm not noticing at all, it seems very humid and un-dusty to me, being from Utah and all), when it's very common to get this bad cold and sore throat and lose your voice.

I finally made it back to my Swahili lessons today. "Kuwa" means to be. "Kuwa na" means to have. Nitakuwa Marekani next year. I will be in America next year. Nitakuwa na only one problem, the visa. I will have only one problem... Tomorrow I'll start volunteering with the English classes at the tour guide school.

The government agency in charge of electricity issued a statement saying they will do a "power shed," to use less electricity. It's supposed to be no power every evening from 6:00 to 10:00 indefinitely. But they're late! Things always run late here. We still have electricity and it's 8:30! The statement says all four of the country's major power plants have some sort of problems requiring maintenance at the same time. Rumor has it there's some sort of political motivation because of upcoming elections, but that's tricky for a foreigner to sort out, so I will attempt no interpretation. 

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  1. gee too much electrical tourist? or whatever it was you had posted last