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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting It Together

I went down to Jordan Institute this morning at 8:00 in response to Mr. Solomon's request that I visit that class. He introduced me and said I'd be here teaching the class for them for a few weeks. Then he took me to a second class and also told them I'd be teaching. So I made a  deal with him, saying I'd like to volunteer, but not work as hard as last year (3 classes every day,  2 of them beginning, teaching grammar). I have signed on to attend two classes, one of them beginners, on Tuesdays and Fridays when they debate current social topics in order to practice their English.

I also had my first Swahili lesson this afternoon, with Mr. Solomon as my excellent teacher. It turns out I have actually not forgotten every shred of Swahili. A lot of the verb forms came right back to me as soon as he started reviewing. I so enjoy studying language. It feels like a good workout on the treadmill for my brain.

And I am regaining my proficiency at riding the dala dala and at shopping for food and regaining my enjoyment of being surrrounded by everyday Tanzanian life.


  1. Hows the weather? Do you need a jacket? It is snow/ raining here right now in Utah. I want to see pictures of little children please. Will some of your students be young? ( 3rd grade)

  2. My students are mostly in their 20's, with a few older. It's a vocational school for hotel management and tour guiding. Although there are many adorable little children, so I'll try to get some cute kid pics! The weather is hot and humid during the day, and then cools down at night. We're in the Long Rains (the bigger of the two rainy seasons). It clouds up every day for at least a couple of hours, and has been raining about every other day. It rains incredibly hard for an hour or so, then clears up again. No air conditioning most places, which is fine. I use the electric fan in my room sometimes in the afternoon, but would get too cold with it at night.